FIIT21 Focus

FIIT21 Focus is perfect for:

• Anyone who is looking to start a Health and Fitness Programme
• Anyone who is struggling to maintain their fitness mojo!
• Anyone who is already in an established fitness routine but looking for more structure and guidance in a more personalised way.

How it works
FIIT21 Focus will help you to stay focused on your health, wellness and of course fitness.

Over a 4 week period you will be supported and encouraged to maintain your fitness focus as part of a small group.

As part of this 4 week package you will receive all of the following:

• 30 minute weekly meeting held online ( time and date tbc)
• First meeting will include Fit test and Health Analysis
• Nutrition Ideas/Meal Suggestions
• WhatsApp Group
• Access to On Demand Strong30 links on Saturday and Sunday
• Access to On Demand Zumba links


We believe that life should be about balance.

Fitness cannot be maintained as part of an ‘all or nothing’ approach. We want to provide all our clients with the tools, knowledge and information that will help them find this lifestyle balance and then maintain it so it becomes their new normal.

Small changes incorporated into everyday life that make a huge overall difference in the long term.

FIIT21 Focus is designed to give you all the benefits of Personal Training but also the support of like-minded people who are working towards shared goals.

** All Classes are currently being run online via Zoom.  Click here to view our timetable and book your next class **